Welcome to our Advocacy Page at Pearls of Grace. Advocacy is the act of supporting, promoting, or arguing in favor of a cause, policy, or group of people. It involves various activities aimed at influencing public opinion, policy decisions, and resource allocation to bring about positive change. Advocates work to raise awareness about specific issues, mobilize supporters, and engage with policymakers and stakeholders to achieve their goals.

Our Advocacy Initiatives


We engaging with legislators and policymakers to influence laws and regulations.

Community Organizing

Mobilizing individuals and groups to take collective action.

Policy Analysis and Research

Gathering and presenting data to support a cause.

Writing and Literature

Authors, journalists, and poets can publish and/or perform their work at events that bring attention to important social issues.

The Arts

Our artists use public spaces and pop-up exhibitions to create powerful visual messages on themes like human rights, climate change, and social justice that can raise awareness.

Film and Video

We create documentaries, short films, and PSA’s to educate audiences on the critical issues and to inspire action.

Advocacy Journalism

Advocacy journalism is a powerful platform for promoting social, political, and environmental causes. Unlike traditional journalism, which aims for objectivity and impartiality, advocacy journalism intentionally takes a stance on issues to drive social change.

Join Us

Join us in advancing social awareness and becoming a force for positive change within our community. Together, we can raise consciousness, protect our most vulnerable, and create a brighter and more just future for all.