April 2024

In the turbulent seas of life, where challenges loom like storm clouds, there lies a beacon of hope: resilience. Just as a pearl, born from adversity, emerges radiant and strong treasure where healing and profound connections can flourish amidst life’s trials. By grace we are guided by resilience and anchored in support as we navigate life’s tempestuous waters with courage and determination. In this process, hidden treasures await discovery. These treasures are not of material wealth, but of inner strength, empathy, and the enduring bonds that unite us. With each wave that crashes against our resolve, we embrace life’s challenges, knowing that within the depths lie treasures beyond measure!

For National Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Month, Pearls of Grace, Inc. proudly announced a significant milestone: the completion and publication of our very own children’s book relating to trauma, authored by our president. This heartfelt project aims to provide comfort and understanding to young readers facing challenging circumstances, offering a beacon of hope and resilience. Discover a story that nurtures healing and fosters empathy. Order your copy today and be a part of our mission to support and empower young minds through the power of storytelling!

May 2024

June 2024

Welcome to Activism Arts 101 Virtual Summer Intensive!

Empower Your Voice. Inspire Change.

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and ignite your passion for activism through the arts? Join us for an exciting and transformative virtual summer intensive designed specifically for high school students who are eager to explore the intersection of art, activism, and social change.

What to Expect:

  • Creative Workshops: Engage in interactive workshops led by experienced artists and activists, where you’ll learn how to use various artistic mediums to amplify important social issues.

  • Empowering Discussions: Participate in thought-provoking discussions on the role of art in activism, the power of storytelling, and the impact of creative expression on social movements.

  • Hands-On Projects: Dive into hands-on projects that allow you to channel your passion into meaningful artworks that advocate for positive change in your community and beyond.

  • Collaborative Environment: Connect with like-minded peers from diverse backgrounds, share ideas, and collaborate on projects that inspire action and foster empathy.

Why Join Us:

At Activism Arts 101, we believe in the transformative power of art to challenge perspectives, spark conversations, and drive meaningful change. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, activist, or simply curious about the intersection of art and social justice, this intensive program will equip you with the tools and inspiration to make a difference through your creative voice.

July 2024