About Us

Our children are like pearls that are created from one grain of sand and many times left in a dark lonely place in the depths of a raging sea. Yet, courageously through time and God’s grace there is a iridescent film constantly released from within the environment of the clam that transforms the grain of sand into a rare, valuable, and beautiful pearl.

MISSION: To prevent children from falling prey to adverse situations through social awareness and to give children a voice through civic engagement.

VISION: To become an education resource conglomerate that amends education equality into a CIVIL RIGHT.

  • Our community workshops engage children on how to be purposed-driven and civic-minded.
  • Our social awareness projects re-enforce methods of healing and open communication through the arts.
  • We create opportunities and promote advancement among children in marginalized circumstances.
  • We implement projects and programs in communities to serve as a methods of prevention for children.
  • We lobby to restore the hope of equality for children of color.