We are Africa's Pride.

One thing all women have in common is a shared genome that links us back to the very first woman; Eve. The continent of Africa is the Motherland, and our home. Together, we share a rich heritage that goes back to the cradle of civilization.

Together, we can END Enslavement.

Black lives have been marred through American Systems for generations. If these  legalized systems persist, Black Americans will be annihilated from the Earth. 

Join to Protect & Save our Legacy

The Black American’s biggest threat to success is the crippling Education system and the Un-Just Justice System unless something is done. Your membership helps us collectively overcome those odds.


Our Focus is on the PRESERVATION of BLACK LIVES. We do this by Building KNOWLEDGE and Spreading AWARENESS to the COMMUNITY around us.


Contributions made to Pearls of Grace, Inc. go to support advocacy & lobbying efforts locally, nationally, and internationally.


Your membership opens the door for up to date access to community engagement, events, and advocacy.


Click here to obtain access to resource tools for spreading knowledge and awareness.

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