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Mobile, AL, has shown me nothing but love since being here. Over the course of time, I had built up the desire to go to a park. So, I decided to go to the closest one indicated on Maps. As I was about to reach my destination, I had to walk through a heavily shaded residential neighborhood.

As it became increasingly shaded, I started to not have the best feeling this was a good idea. I glanced at maps on my phone and seen that I was just a few hundred feet. So, I kept going. Then, there was a car that pulled up on me. As the window rolled down, a man began to speak to me by asking me if I wanted a ride. Of course, I responded with a kind, “no, thank you” and proceeded to look straight ahead, ignoring him. Then, he proceeded to ask me more questions like where are you going? Aren’t you hot out here? And, do you have a man? After telling him, “bro, I’m not the one”, he continued to drive alongside of me.

Then, I started to get creeped out. After a few moments of walking in silence and him driving next to me in silence, a car drove up behind him and a small utility SUV drove towards us from the opposite direction. The utility vehicle turned on one of the side streets and came to a quick halt.

With the pressure on for him to move on down the road, he sped off. Relieved, the door from the sports utility opened and a lady asked if I was okay and if I knew that man? I replied that I was fine and no, I hadn’t known the man in that car. I thanked her for looking out for me. She then asked if I was needing a ride. I replied no thank you and shared that I was just heading down to the park. She said oh, okay because if anything she had her gun and knew how to use it. I said to myself, Wow! I thanked her again and walked down a few more steps. As she rode away, I turned around towards the main highway and bolted out of that neighborhood.

Then, I began to thank the Lord and tell Him how grateful I was for Him sending two angels to push this man down the road. The more I thought about the dynamics to this situation, I was more thankful for this lady who thought enough to be in a position to protect me from danger. I didn’t know who she was, and she didn’t know me. Yet, the love she demonstrated this day, will never leave my heart. May the Lord richly bless her. I picked up my pace and made it home safely.

Lesson(s) learned: Always be alert and keep your eyes open when outside your home. Don’t ever take familiarity for granted. Think safety first. Don’t talk to strangers! Anything you say can be used as information to give the stranger a clue as to who you are, what you’re doing, where you’re going, why you’re going, and for how long you’re going to be there. If you get an uneasy feeling, that is your sixth sense waking up to potential danger; trust it. Begin asking God what to do to quickly de-escalate or exit out of the situation quickest.

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