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Spotlight: Shaniqua “SHAN” Rose

Resident, mentor, advocate, and active board member on multiple boards in the city of Orlando’s District 5, Shaniqua Rose has decided it’s now her time to BE the change her community needs. Shaniqua was born, and raised in New York City to a family from St. Lucia. She’s a long-time resident of Central Florida and now resides in Orlando’s Parramore area. She has an extensive civic, and governmental background that grants her with more exposure than most in dealing with the unique challenges that surrounds her community. Shaniqua, better known as “Shan”, wants to work on the implementation of more community collaborations through partnerships.

Her drive stems on a concern marked by the overall health regarding the eighteen communities in District 5 of “The City Beautiful”. She asks readers to just come to her neighborhood any day at 7:00 pm, and you will see the side of Paramore that no one wants you to see or know about. It’s the side where two norms parallel; that what society says it is normal vs what cultural families says is normal.

As a citizen, she sits in on meetings where individuals and agencies boast about how much money has been spent in the area. However, there’s still a lack of accountability, good governance, and proven results which disproportionately leave the majority of communities in District 5 still structurally vulnerable.

What is it going to take to alleviate this? New, innovative, and fresh leadership not afraid of going into the district to bring change that people can actually see and feel. Millennials are rising in the homeless population in Parramore, and black millennials are 52% behind in bridging the wealth gap. Shaniqua states, “We (culturally speaking) have degrees, and jobs; but nothing to show us how to bridge those two concepts together in building wealth.” She says, “Now, we (as a city) should be looking at equitable employment which adequately covers the questions and concerns: Who are getting the jobs in the city? And, are those who are disenfranchised getting the same opportunities?

Ms. Rose believes that her presence in District 5 will be the spark of hope to a community area suffering with intergenerational poverty and Toxic Stress. Moreover, infrastructure around transportation is a major need, 40% of residents of Parramore don’t have transportation and residential parking options are now dwindling. As a people, our mindset and economic situation must change for us to not only survive, but to aspire to live a higher quality of life.

Shan says, “Because there is hope, together we can accomplish so much by creating spaces of Pride and Unity”. She plans to make safety a priority, push for stronger returning citizen programs, review current & implement new youth programs, and help the hardest-hit communities become an economic resource to the district.

To find out more about Ms. Rose, she is located on all the major social media outlets, and welcomes your direct contact. Yet, when she’s relaxing, you can find her on almost any day, strolling through Orlando’s outstanding District 5 neighborhood parks, historic soul food establishments, and downtown enjoying the ambiance of, “The City Beautiful”.



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