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Education Equity in Winter Park, FL Community Center

This week was historic! Equity in education became a reality for a very special community. This past summer, the newly formed Equity Council researched the test scores of minority children in their neighborhood and discovered the results were staggering.

So, they and the K-8 school principal came to the table to plan an Education Collaboration at their local community center. The partnership included the community center, the school district Minority Achievement Office, a licensed tutor, and Pearls of Grace.

The “kick-off” was a success! Students had been tested in the 3rd week of school and the test scores were back. Parents who attended were able to check their children’s test scores and grades.

The SRO was able to speak to the parents about safety and parents asked questions about the newly instituted “wanding” of book bags during class times. The services being implemented this fall are tutoring, mentoring, chess, and most importantly transportation to the community center after school so children will be able to participate in after school activities!

Now, this is what we call equity! It gives each child the opportunity to not only succeed but to experience what they would not have otherwise had an opportunity to participate in. Equity in education is a must!

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